Omniguide Perimeter Safety Screens

Omniform can design and supply full perimeter safety screen systems for your project ensuring maximum safety, cost effectiveness, quality and solutions that the Omniform design team can exclusively accomplish.

Our Omniguide Self Climbing Screen System has been used in major tier 1 and tier 2 construction projects all over Australia and has proven to function with absolute ease and efficiency.

The self-climbing feature of the Omniguide system allows you to maintain fast cycle times for your project and continual worksite operation, regardless of crane availability and wind conditions.

The Omniguide system’s hydraulic approach substantially reduces labour as the climbing of screens can simply be operated by a single person.

The Omniguide Screen System gives the construction site it is on a clean and professional appearance, with our specialised design for each project further enhancing this look of excellence.

With a wide range of solutions including extendable screens, inclined façade climbing ability, flexible building edge allowances and other significant advantages the Omniguide Self Climbing Screen System can impressively improve your project.

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