Other Products

Omniform has wide range of different products that are either readily available or can be specially made to suit your site needs. Our superior quality is guaranteed and with all purchases we will be there for all advice and assistance you may need.

Other general products that we supply, with full documentation, also include but are not limited to the following:

  • Holding Down Brackets
  • Stair/Wall Universal Brackets
  • Precast Support Brackets
  • Parapet Support Brackets
  • Swivel and Double Couplers (Ø48- Ø48)
  • Swivel and Double Reduction Couplers (Ø60- Ø48)
  • Dywidag (Z-bar) Nuts & Drop Forge Wing Nuts
  • Dywidag (Z-bar) Pressed Oversized Washer Plates
  • Dywidag (Z-bar) Couplers, Ferrules & Water Barriers
  • Lifeline Harness Lifting Angles
  • Timber LVL Lifting Points
  • Protection & Working Decks

If you are after further information on a product listed here or a another item please contact us and one of our consultants will assist you.